David Bayard killed: Family, police look for information

A Maryland man was killed over the weekend after a night out with friends. His family and friends are pleading for anyone with information about the killing to come forward.

David Bayard was attending business school at the University of Maryland and hoped to pursue a career in finance after earning his degree. Family and friends of the 24-year-old gathered Wednesday at the spot where he was killed Sunday morning.

“This is a testament.. This is not surprising that this many people have come forward," said Travis Putvain, Baynard’s brother-in-law.

Longtime girlfriend Pam Jabonete first met Bayard in high school before attending the University of Maryland with him. The two moved into their Silver Spring apartment together two years ago.
Jabonete says she last spoke to Bayard Saturday before he went out with his friends to stadium nightclub in D.C.

At 7:30 the next morning police, responding to another call, found Bayards body inside his car in this parking lot off Bladensburg Road in Colmar Manor, Md. Bayard's family believes he was on his way home from the nightclub and ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Authorities are reviewing footage from a local McDonald's and another building where Bayard's car was parked. They're also looking for leads by knocking on doors and passing out flyers to the public.

Bayards' father made a personal plea for anyone with information about his son's killer to come forward

Authorities say Bayard was killed by trauma to his upper body. His funeral will be next Friday at the memorial chapel at UMd.