David Apraham arrested for 12th DUI

David Apraham (Photo courtesy authorities)

At about midnight last November, a sheriff's deputy in Spotsylvania spotted a man stumbling around a parking lot. When he got into his pick-up and started swerving down the road, the deputy pulled him over.

He issued 44-year-old David Apraham a DUI. It turned out to be his 12th.

He pleaded guilty Tuesday.

A lot of folks are wondering how and why was Apraham still driving after all those DUI convictions.

Apraham took time racking up the roster of DUIs. He got his first in Mississippi in 199o, eventually getting six DUI's in the state. He then received three in Alabama. Now there’s three in Virginia.

“He was given a felony in Mississippi in 2009. He was placed under house arrest for a year. He jumped the house arrest,” says Commonwealth's Attorney Thomas Shaia.

Apraham headed straight to the Old Dominion, where he eluded the law until a DUI in Colonial Heights in February of last year. He got his 12th DUI while awaiting trial for his eleventh such offense.

He also has a number of outstanding warrants.