David Anderson accused of running drug operation out of day care center

Photo: Howard County Police Department

A Howard County man is accused of running a marijuana operation out of his home, which he also used as a licensed child care center.

Large{ }quantities of marijuana were found{ }inside David Geoffrey Anderson's home on Baltimore Street in Savage.{ }Detectives found a room under the house that was fitted for growing the drug. According to police, the room had heat insulation, an elaborate electrical system with high-intensity lighting, a ventilation system and scented materials to mask the odor.{ }{ }

Marijuana plants, seeds and fertilizer as well as a loaded handgun, ammunition and several additional firearms were also found.{ }

The licensed day care center has since{ }been suspended by the Office of Child Care.{ }

Anderson, 31, was released from the Howard County Detention Center on $35,000 bond. He faces several charges, including manufacturing, production and distribution of the drug. No additional charges have been filed, however the investigation is ongoing.

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