Dave McGowan, former Orioles announcer, helped save toddler's life on 911 call

Dave McGowan, 911 operator, in his days as the voice of Camden Yards and the Baltimore Orioles. Photo: Baltimore Orioles

The 911 operator who helped save a toddler's life, after a near drowning in Laurel last week, was still a trainee.

And his voice may sound familiar to you.

A frantic call came into the Prince George's County 911 Call Center late last week.

"My granddaughter drowned. She's not responding please help."

It was David McGowan who picked up the line.

When that blue light lights up saying you got a call it could be anything.

McGowan, only on the job for five months and still technically a trainee, was suddenly thrust into the middle of a life-and-death battle.

His biggest and perhaps only weapon was his steady baritone voice. And he used it to try to calm the desperate grandmother, as together they walked through the paces of performing CPR on the two-year-old girl.

Right by McGowan's side at the 911 center, and ready to jump in if necessary, was Dave's trainer, veteran 911 operator Ray Delano.

Delano never had to say a word.

"David has a great voice," Delano says. "He has a great calming technique."

A stong voice that many baseball fans know well.

"I was the stadium announcer for the Baltimore Orioles up until I started here," McGowan says.

For 14 seasons, Dave McGowan was the voice of Camden Yards and the Baltimore Orioles. He retired from baseball in January and says he looked for a job where he could help people.

It looks like he found one, but he probably never thought he would actually save a life.

"She said the baby is breathing and I felt great and I said, 'You know what? I made the right career choice,'" McGowan says.