Danville, Va. church vandals paint 'Hail Satan' on wall

      DANVILLE, Va. (AP) - Danville police are investigating the vandalism of a century-old church.

      Media outlets report that someone spray-painted an upside-down cross, several other symbols and Latin words that translate to "Hail Satan" in red on the rear outside wall of the Schoolfield Church of the Brethren.

      The Danville News & Adavance has a photo of the vandalism.

      A church member discovered the graffiti Saturday.

      The church was founded in 1911 by Marion Prather. The current pastor is his great-great grandson, the Rev. Richard Berkley.

      Berkley's daughter, Branwen Hall, says the church has endured through World Wars I and II, and the Korean and Vietnam wars. She says the graffiti isn't going to change the way members worship.