Daniel Harmon-Wright: Jury selection begins for Culpeper officer accused of murder

The trial for a Culpeper police officer accused of killing an unarmed woman will soon start. With cameras snapping his every step, 33-year-olf Daniel Harmon-Wright entered the courthouse, as the process of choosing a jury began Tuesday.

Wright's case has been the talk of Culpeper for nearly a year.

"Oh, it's talked about a lot," said Linda Corbin.

Corbin thinks it would be difficult to find anyone in town without a set opinion about what happened.

"Even in surrounding counties…Fauquier, Orange, Culpeper," she added

But that was the task of attorneys on both sides Tuesday, finding an impartial jury for Harmon- Wright.

The former Culpeper police officer and Iraq war veteran is accused of fatally shooting 54-year-old Patricia Cook while on duty last Feb.

According to authorities, Harmon-Wright was responding to a call about a suspicious person in a school parking lot. Following a verbal dispute with Cook, who was inside her Jeep, authorities say Harmon-Wright shot her seven times.

The defense says the he shot her in self-defense after his arm got caught in Cook's window as she was rolling it up and driving away.

The prosecution, along with witnesses, claims Harmon-Wright's arm was never trapped.

While some in town think the verdict is clear, it's far from unanimous.

"I think most of this town is more or less a split decision. You got some on one side and some on the other," said resident Steve Rutherford.

The trial is set to begin Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.