Daniel Giguere launches 1VoiceInside

Four years ago, Mary Susan Giguere shot and killed her husband of 25 years. Now, the couple's oldest son, Daniel Giguere, is overcoming the tragedy by sharing his struggles over the internet and encouraging others to do the same.

"In order to be great, you have to be vulnerable, and I think so many kids are just scared to show who they really are," the 18-year-old Herndon resident said.

As a high school senior, Daniel was the captain of the basketball team, as well as student body president.

He was also battling depression and nearly took his own life last winter.

Daniel said, "I just felt hopeless kind of. It was like my mind was so full of thoughts and worry that my body just kind of gave up on me, and that's when I knew I finally had to do something."

The next day, in a messy teenage bedroom, Daniel shared his personal struggles online. The video has been viewed more than 5,000 times.

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"Everyone was sharing it on Facebook all the sudden, and it really seemed to hit people, people I never even knew before would message me," he explained.

Now, he's taking his videos further by starting a movement called "1VoiceInside". He and friends post inspiring tweets, motivational poetry and videos. He encourages others to join them and do the same.

"I mean, when life gets hard, you can either be a symbol of hope or a symbol of giving up...I've always wanted to be a symbol of hope, and I just want to encourage other people to be symbols of hope and keep spreading that," Daniel added.

With the help of community centers and social media, Daniel says he's hoping to show other teens they're not alone.