Daniel Black accused of beating son

Daniel Black (Photo courtesy police)

An Army sergeant is behind bars accused of tying up his 13-year -old stepson with an electrical cord and rope and beating him.

On April 7, police allege Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Black started beating the boy with a belt. Sources say because the boy kept moving, Black allegedly used the cord to strap his stepson to a chair and then, they say, he tied the 13-year-old to a spiral staircase and continued the beating.

Officers said the boy was severely hurt with cuts and bruises to his face, head, neck, back and arms. Neighbor Estevon Butler saw the boy later outside.

“I said, 'What happened to your face?' and he said, 'I fell down on my skateboard,'” Butler says.

There was no answer Monday at the family's apartment on Wadsworth Way in Woodbridge.

The Army confirms Black works at Fort Belvoir. Police sources say he took his stepson with him on base four days after the alleged crimes. When a staff member saw the boy's injuries, they called military police who in turn notified Prince William County Police.

Police say they also charged the boy's mother, 38-year-old Melissa Black, with child abuse because they say she knew what happened but did not report it.