Dancers bring in the New Year at the 24th annual Yuletide Ball

At the Marriott in downtown D.C., it's dancing with the stars meets New Year's Eve at the 24th annual Yuletide Ball.

Professional ballroom dancers from around the country are celebrating with amateur dancers from here at home.

Ringing in the New Year with champagne, close family and friends, and lots and lots of dancing.

The celebrants were ready to two step their way out of 2011, and all it brought with it. A year that brought positives and negatives and even an earthquake.

And all hoping to waltz into 2012, and not miss a step.

Some of these competitive dancers were setting personal goals.

"The bad thing about 2011 was the economy," says Carol Levy, one of the guests. "The good thing was the war winding down"

This well known New Year's Eve ball has become more popular through the years thanks to the new ballroom dance craze.