Dan Snyder ends lawsuit with Washington City Paper

As the Redskins were opening up the season with a win over the New York Giants, their owner Daniel Snyder quietly ended his million dollar lawsuit against the Washington City Paper over an article critical of Snyder and listing alleged mistakes and controversies.

Snyder said it was time to focus on football.

While you could argue no one wins here, as both sides spent money on legal fees for a case that ultimately went nowhere, both sides are actually claiming victory.

In dueling statements, the City Paper staff say they got what they wanted – the case dismissed, adding: "From the beginning, we have believed that Snyder's lawsuit was a baseless one...our article never said any of the allegedly libelous things Snyder claimed it did."

Snyder, through a spokesman, sees it differently.

"The Washington City Paper and its writer have admitted that certain assertions contained in the article were, in fact, unintended by the defendants to be read literally as true. Therefore, we see nothing further to be gained at this time through continuing the lawsuit."

Snyder had wanted $1 million in damages. He contended a Nov. 19 cover story, "The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," libeled Snyder by stating that he committed a crime. Among other things, he accused the paper of Antisemitism for publishing a photo of Snyder with horns, mustache and a beard drawn on him.