Damascus overturns alcohol prohibition in restaurants

Damascus is a typical small town with one distinction: It’s dry. No alcohol in restaurants.

The battle to serve beer and wine has pitted neighbor against neighbor. Some say keep it the way it is, others say they need booze to improve dining options.

The townsfolk have voted repeatedly on referenda to keep allow restaurants to serve beer and wine.

But Tuesday, voters in favor of booze finally won out.

The owners of the Music Café are eager to apply for a license.

“I think it's going to help our business I think it's going to increase our volume,” says Christine Anderson, owner Music Café.

But there is lingering opposition and fear of change here for the worse.

Then there are folks here who say they doubt serving beer and wine really will make much of a difference.

Right now there only are a few sit down restaurants in Damascus. The Music Café hopes to get its license and start serving beer and wine in a few months.