Damascus digs out of 12 inches of snow

DAMASCUS, Md. (WJLA) - Most of the Washington area has more than 12 inches of snow to deal with, and now the shoveling begins.

Some neighbors are still waiting on plow trucks to come down their roads while others are pitching in to help each other get free from packed snow and ice.

Farmer Roy Stanley owns a very large snow plow, so when he heard about an unplowed street in Damascus, using his monster machine to help out his trapped neighbors was no problem.

With snow so deep, there is a lot of neighbor-helping-neighbor in Damascus, one of the hardest hit areas. Nearly two feet fell by mid-morning Thursday and then another four inches topped that overnight.

Rosalyn Bowman’s neighbors on Kakae Drive had to come to her rescue twice.

“We cleared out the driveway last night and this morning,” says Mike Shoemaker. “It was like a four-foot wall of snow.”

“I live at home by myself and they always look out for me when we have bad weather or power outages,” says Bowman.

No power outage this time, but this amount of snow is stressful enough. Most businesses closed Thursday and are scrambling to clear lots to open Friday.

Contractor Mike Moten and his plow are getting a workout.

“It’s been kind of brutal, but I mean, we gotta keep doing what we gotta do to get this done,” he says.

Until a plow showed up at Donna Hutchinson’s house, there was no way she was going anywhere. Working a shovelful at a time, her neighbor is still behind a driveway-blocking plow wall.

“Came home from work Wednesday night, haven’t been out [for] two days,” says Hutchinson's neighbor, Mark.