Dale City doggie door burglary has police chasing suspect

A peculiar style of burglary has police in Prince William County figuring out who would sneak through a doggie door to get into a home.

The burglary happened at about 4:30 on April 13 in the 5600 block of Northton Court in Dale City. After the homeowner reported a burglary, though, police found no evidence of a forced entry.

That's when officers concluded that the intruder got in through a garage doggie door, which measures 16 inches by 11 inches.

"(It's) large enough for someone to fit through if they needed to fit through," Prince William County Police spokesman Jonathan Perok said. "Once inside, of course, you can unlock and carry items out."

The homeowners couldn't be reached for comment, but police say that beyond having their belongings moved around, a handgun, gaming console and games were all found missing; a total of about $1,000 worth of goods were taken.

While police and neighbors definitely say that this type of crime is unusual, Perok said that it's not the first time his department has seen such a thing.

"We've had burglaries in the past where entry has been made that's something that I think homeowners really don't think about," he said.

Police currently have no suspects in the burglary, and officials are recommending that residents consider locking their pet doors.