Dae Hwang charged with murder of her husband, minister Kyung Hwang

Fifty-seven-year-old Dae Hwang has been charged with the first-degree murder of her husband 63-year old Kyung Hwang. Dae appeared in court Monday to face those charges.

Two days after hearing the shocking news on Chickesaw Place in Leesburg, neighbors still can't believe Kyung Hwang is gone. They say Kyung and Dae were one of the nicest couples you could ever meet.

"I would say he's really a gentleman," neighbor Christine Lin said. "He's just a gentle soul. He's very, very friendly, and even the lady. She's nice too."

Police say Kyung Hwang was found dead in an upstairs bedroom at the couple's home early Saturday morning. He had stab wounds over a large portion of his body.

Authorities say it was Dae Hwang who called 911 after allegedly killing him. She is being held without bond and has an arraignment hearing scheduled for Monday. Loudoun County Sheriff's spokesman Jeffrey Dube would not say whether or not Dae had admitted to the murder, though.

Dube did say, though, that she has been cooperative in the investigation into her husband's murder.

Police say they had never been called to the couple's home until around 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

Neighbors say the couple was well-loved in the community.

"They're really great people and they always have been," neighbor Cheri Shields said. "What in the world could have happened?"

"He was genuinely the kindest and most generous of men. I can't say enough good about him," neighbor Doug Van Norden said. "And his wife was as lovely as he was."

Neighbors say Kyung Hwang was a minister known for his deep Christian faith. Internet sites link him to Nova First Church in Fairfax, which meets at a building on Arlington Boulevard that it rents from another church.

Multiple people told ABC7 that Hwang was not the senior pastor of the church. A neighbor said he served as an associate minister.

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