D.C. zoo to debut family of otters

(Photo: Fatedsnowfox/flickr)

WASHINGTON (AP) - A family of Asian small-clawed otters is making its home at the zoo in Washington. Saturday is the public debut of the otters: two parents and nine kids.

The zoo is hosting what it's calling a "housewarming event," where visitors can watch the otters playing and eating mussels and clams.

The zoo says Asian small-clawed otters are the smallest otter species in the world and the most social.

They're native to Indonesia, southern China, southern India, the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Mom and dad are named Chowder and Clementine.

Their children are Pork Chop, Pickles, Saffron, Olive, Peaches, Turnip, Radish, Rutabaga and Kevin.

The kids were born in August 2010 and May 2011. The otters came from the Santa Barbara Zoo.