D.C. woman finds marijuana in express mail package

(WJLA) - A Southeast woman got quite a shock when she opened an express mail package this week that contained thousands of dollars worth of marijuana meant for someone else.

The woman -- who is not being identified for her protection -- says the package was sent to her apartment, but did not have her name on it. It weighed more than nine pounds and the sender had paid nearly $85 to ship it.

She was not prepared for what she found upon opening it:

"I said, 'what is this?'"

Inside there were several plastic containers -- and inside those, several bags of marijuana.

"For it to come through the mail was shocking," she said.

The woman called the U.S. Postal Inspector and police. On Thursday afternoon when ABC7 arrived at her apartment complex, D.C. police were removing the marijuana from her home.

Police say they arrested 24-year-old Delmario Henry in connection with the case. He is now facing two drug-related charges.

The woman told ABC7 she would never have chosen for this to happen to her, but she's glad she was able to keep the drugs from hitting the streets.

"I had to take the steps and measures to do what's right, you know," she said. "It's a blessing to remove things like that from society."