D.C. weather: Spring weather visits D.C. area

In just a few days it will be February - the middle of winter. But this weather feels like anything but that.

Steve Lee was just one of many joggers, bikers and walkers taking advantage of these unseasonable temperatures.

“I’m loving this weather,” he says. “It’s great!”

Our meteorologists say temperatures will be at least 25 degrees above average in many areas, which is hard to believe since there saw snow and ice just two days ago.

“My sons got ready for school yesterday and they were in their heavy coats. By the time they got home, we live down in Fredericksburg, it was 80 degrees,” says area resident Jim Beck.

Other parts of the country are dealing with their own wild weather. But not all of it has been good.

Over night and early Wednesday morning, severe storms pounded states from Missouri to Louisiana to Texas.

High winds and falling trees destroyed homes and cars and many are dealing with major flooding.

And a little further west in Utah, crews are bracing for up to a foot of new snow just as they work to clear what's already come down.

A strong storm system may produce severe thunderstorms over parts of our area later Wednesday night, bringing heavy rain and possibly damaging winds.

So for now, many are just trying to take in this peaceful weather while it’s here