D.C weather: Heat wave settling in on D.C.

Temperatures in the region spiked into the 90s yet again Thursday. Photo: ABC7

You only had to stick your head out the door for a minute on Thursday to find out how very hot it is.

The summertime three H's - hazy, hot, and humid - have settled in early.

With temperatures jumping over 90 degrees, we found people all over the area searching for a cool spot.

“We had a nice spring to last us for a while, but I guess it's summer now,” says Margaret Haffey.

At least it feels like it. And unfortunately for many, there was no escaping mother nature.

Highs will top out in the lower to mid-90s for the next three days.

It was an especially sweaty and busy day for people who repair cooling systems for homes and businesses.

Mike Donaldson came to the rescue of Upper Room Baptist Church. The congregation pulled out the fans after their old AC system blew hot air when their turned it on.

“People starting up their equipment for the first time finding out drain issues leakage,” Donaldsom says. “Some systems should have been replaced.”

At car repair shops like Takoma Auto Clinic, customers piled in pleading for help getting their car air conditioners fixed.

“It's very crazy. As you can see we got a lot of cars in for AC,” says Johnny Kahayn. “As soon as the weather breaks people don't know how to react. They just come to get their AC fixed.”