D.C., Virginia, Maryland boast highest Latino college education rates in America

File photo: Ting/Flickr

The District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland rank number 1, 2 and 3 in the United States among states with the highest percentage of college educated Latino adults.

The Pew Research Center study indicates a sharp dropoff between the district (36.2 percent) and Virginia (24.1 percent) at the top and second spot. Maryland boasts a rate of 21.2 percent.

The high percentage of college-educated Latinos in Washington falls into line with the high education of the populace in general. More than 48 percent of D.C. residents has earned a college degree.

All three states eclipse by far the national average percentage of Latinos with college degrees. Nationwide, 13.4 percent of Latinos have completed their college education.

Meanwhile, in states that have the highest Latino populations overall, only Florida and New York boast college completion rates among Hispanics that are above the national average. The other three, California, Texas and Illinois, rank in the bottom 12.