D.C. traffic cameras to start issuing fines Dec. 30

Photo: Takoma Bibelot/Flickr

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - As you navigate the crazy, congested streets of D.C., here’s yet another thing to look out for: more than 100 new traffic enforcement cameras coming your way - and some of them are portable.

It’s all part of the “D.C. Street Safe” campaign, designed to enforce pedestrian safety at crosswalks as well as snag stop sign violators, speeders, and drivers who block intersections.

The cameras went up late last month with just warnings being issued, but that grace period comes to an end on Monday when the fines that range from $50 to $300 kick in.

"Seems like another way for D.C. to make a buck, but you might save a biker that might get hit by a car," said D.C. driver Stephen Seh.

Police say that one of the goals is to make the streets safer for both cyclists and pedestrians.

A map of camera locations are below. Red dots indicate gridlock cameras, blue dots are stop sign cameras, yellow dots indicate crosswalk cameras and green dots are speed cameras.