D.C. tops the list of best-paying cities for women: Report

      Women looking to earn big bucks should head to the nation's capital.

      Washington is the highest-paying city for women, according to Forbes and reported by WTOP. The city boasts an average median income of $57,128. That’s nearly triple the salary in the worst-paying city for women, Opelousas, La., where woman earn on average $21,658 a year.

      The list is based on more than 500 metropolitan cities in the U.S. and data from the 2011 American Community Survey by the U.S. Census.

      Women in Washington only earn 81 percent as much as men who make a median salary of $70,758.{ }

      San Jose, Calif. comes in second with women earning on average $56,499 a year.

      The top 10 highest-paying cities for woman:

      Washington D.C. -- $57,128

      San Jose, Calif. -- $56,499

      Bridgeport, Conn. -- $54,844

      San Francisco, Calif. -- $54,376

      Trenton, N.J. -- $52,319

      Torrington, Conn. -- $50,200

      Boston, Mass. -- $50,020

      Hartford, Conn. -- $49,891

      Boulder, Colo. -- $49,691

      Napa, Calif. -- $48,985