D.C. to add three dozen new police recruits

WASHINGTON (WJLA, AP) - The municipal police force in the nation's capital is beefing up its officer ranks as it continues to try to reduce violent crime.

FBI statistics released last month show that the number of rapes reported in the District of Columbia increased by nearly 25 percent last year. By comparison, rape dropped 5 percent nationwide.

The report said that violent crime nationwide dropped 6 percent in 2010. In the District, overall violent crime decreased by 1 percent.

Nearly three dozen new recruits to the D.C. police department are set to begin a training program Monday.

They are expected to graduate in April.

The city plans to hire a total of 300 new police officers. The goal is to build the department to 3,900 sworn officers by the end of the 2012 fiscal year.

About 15 police officers leave the force per month. With the new hires, MPD is hoping to have a net gain of 100 people by 2012.