D.C. taxicab meters unveiled amid funding fight

WASHINGTON (AP, WJLA) -{ }District of Columbia officials are preparing to show off a new taxicab meter that allows riders to pay by credit card Wednesday, but there may be a speed bump when it comes to how to pay for it all.{ }

The new "smart meters" are part of a package of taxicab reforms approved this year and will be installed in the coming weeks.

Credit card readers and GPS devices will be required in all cabs, and cabs will also be asked to adopt a uniform color scheme.

The smart meters will also allow riders to view news and weather reports and allow drivers and passengers to quickly contact police or medical personnel.

Mayor Vincent Gray and other officials will demonstrate the new meter at a news conference Wednesday.

However, Councilman Marion Barry, who has an issue with the contract over the smart meters, says it's irresponsible to proceed with this new program.

Barry filed a disapproval resolution and, if passed, it could change the terms of the contract, which would delay the start of the program.