D.C. taxi gas surcharge expiring Wednesday

Photo: ABC7

The cost of catching a cab in the District is about to get a little cheaper.

Starting Wednesday, riders will not have to pay a fuel surcharge.

For the last 16 months, customers have been paying an extra $1 per cab ride to help drivers pay for gas. But with gas prices slowly going down, the D.C. Taxicab Commission is giving riders a little break.

" I'm just surprised how much money people are spending here on this transportation and the taxi charges," said Qaisar Nadeem who is visiting D.C. for business.

Nadeem is one of many who will save a lot from the elimination of the fuel surcharge.

Nadeem said, "Let's say if I make total 100 trips in one month time, which I think I will and I should, so a hundred bucks I've saved.

Intern Katie Spoden added, " I've taken about 9 or 10 cab rides in the last couple of weeks so it would have saved me 10 dollars and as an intern making no money, that's worth it for sure.

D.C. cabs started charging the fee last year when the average price for unleaded gasoline in the District was $3.45 a gallon. The fee was extended a third time this past March when the cost of gas teetered around $4 a gallon. Right now, most will pay around $3.60 a gallon to fill up.

But, some commuter believe it's only a matter of time before the fee returns.

"The cost of the dollar that we're saving it's kind of good, but then again it's not because it's going to go right back up. Going to take our dollar right back," D.C. resident Lateisha Murray said.

And that is a possibility. The commission says it will continue to monitor the cost of gas throughout the summer and the fall and may consider a change if gas prices start rising again.