D.C. taxi drivers protest deadline for credit cards in cabs

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -{ }Some D.C. taxi drivers are still fighting a deadline to have credit card readers installed in their cabs.

Owners of D.C. taxicab companies roamed the halls of the Wilson Building Thursday trying to be heard. On Wednesday, they protested{ }the Oct. 1 deadline which requires them to have credit card readers installed in their cabs.{ }

“That’s a lot of cars... What’s the rush? We’re willing to install the credit cards so give us a chance,” says Shahid Queresh.

“They had 120 days and the drivers need to stop dragging their feet and facing up to the reality of what the consumers want from them,” says Ron Linton, Taxicab Commission chairman.

Arguments over the time and glitches in installation are sparking Council interest.

"These folks are trying to comply with the regulations. The Taxicab Commission is not giving them an opportunity to do that. Now they're coming down hard on them. That's how the government should work,” says D.C. Councilmember David Grosso.

“They’ve all got drivers who are sitting in the parking lot unable to go to work because we’re not able to provision new equipment in the cars,” says David Miller.{ }

Mayor Vincent Gray seemed unaware of the dispute.{ }

“I’ll see what the city administrator has to say about it,” he says. “We’ll act accordingly.”