D.C. students get hands on experience with Lamborghini

It's a car with an out of this world price tag and today, the $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador was within reach for several D.C. students.

"When you see a car like this, you turn into a six year old,” says Michael Lock, chief operating officer for Lamborghini America. “You remember the poster you had on your wall, dreaming of this amazing thing. And It's the same for everybody."

Especially for Nathaniel Cruz, who says he's loved cars since he was a little boy.

"I love everything about them. Taking the apart, working on them, putting them together, painting them,” he says. “I'm pretty sure I could work on a Lamborghini."

That's why he attends the Excel Institute in southeast. The vocational school partners with Volkswagon and aims to give students like Cruz real world automotive industry training.

On Tuesday, executives from Herndon, Va.-based Lamborghini America gave Cruz and his classmates an interactive tutorial about the car's unique engineering and job opportunities within the company.

“We'd like to give back to the community and give people an insight into the engineering and how they can get their hands on the car,” Lock says.

It's the second time Lamborghini has done this event. The idea is to turn a passion for luxury cars like this into a lifelong career.

Ricardo Douglass says he has a passion for American muscle cars, but was thrilled to get up close to the Lamborghini. One day, he hopes to drive his own.

"It's very special for me because I never thought, in my circumstance that I would be able to see a vehicle like this,” Douglass says.