D.C. streetcars: H Street line could be delayed until 2014, report says

(Photo: DDOT)

It could be 2014 before D.C. residents see streetcars rolling through the H Street corridor.{ }

According to the DCist,{ }a senior transportation official announced that the possible historic designation of a site that the city wants to use for a maintenance and training facility could add up to 90 days to the design and construction of the facility, potentially pushing the entire 2.5.-mile H Street line's rollout into 2014.

D.C. leaders had promised that the city's first streetcar line in over 50 years would be ready by late 2013, the DCist reports.

The 37-mile streetcar network would connect areas of the city that are isolated from public transit.

The overall cost from local, federal and private sources is estimated around $1.5 billion.{ }

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