D.C.storm 2012: D.C. continues recovery after storm

On Brandywine Street in Northwest it was familiar scene. Crews sweeping up and picking up the pieces of another downed tree.

Day three post storm: Crews were reducing trees to branches and sawdust while neighbors were relieved but still stunned by the storm’s strength.
“It was so fast we had no idea it had done this much damage,” says Ann Elkton, a northwest resident.

With an estimated 1,500 trees down in the District, every single ward was hit hard. Clean-up is in varying stages.

A gigantic tree fell across New Hampshire in Northeast crushing an SUV beneath it. Overnight crews managed to get it down to a stump. A telephone pole and hanging wires are untidy compared to the mess just 24 hours ago.

One tree on Varnum Street across from Providence Hospital was an example of why nearly 40,000 D.C. residents were without power Monday. A tree fell that is so big, it brought two utility poles and a street light down with it.

City officials were in communication with Pepco to make sure they didn’t power the block back up or the tree and nearby homes might set fire.

“It’s progressing as best as they can,” Sarah Harris, of northeast, says. “It’s incredibly devastating.”