D.C. speed cameras: The top five most active spots in the District

If you've been caught by the speed camera that's positioned westbound in the 600 block of New York Avenue NE, you're in the majority.

According to statistics obtained by ABC 7 from the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, that specific camera on a heavily-trafficked portion of Northeast D.C. is the biggest moneymaker among speed cameras in the nation's capital.

The camera, which sits between Florida Avenue and 9th Street Northeast and captures inbound speeders, has churned out the biggest chunk of the thousands of speed camera tickets that D.C. has issued in 2012.

A camera stationed in the 1900 block of Branch Avenue SE, a spot where the speed limit abruptly drops down to 25 mph, registers as the second biggest spot on the list. The camera is stationed on Branch Avenue just south of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The DMV says that the top five most active speed cameras in the District are:
Rank Location Direction 1 600 block of New York Avenue NE Westbound 2 1900 block of Branch Avenue SE Northbound 3 D.C. 295, 7 miles south of Exit 1 Southbound 4 D.C. 295 near the Benning Road overpass Northbound 5 600 block of Missouri Avenue NW Northwest bound However, some drivers are skeptical of the Branch Avenue camera, which has evidence of tampering with the power box.