D.C. speed cameras deployed in nine new locations

Tickets from the new cameras will start being sent on Dec. 21. (Photo: Flickr/takomabibelot)

A 30-day grace period is underway at nine new speed camera locations throughout the District of Columbia.

Nine new cameras are being deployed in the midst of the busy Thanksgiving travel season. The program netted the District over $43 million in revenue in 2010 and more than $30 million in the first seven months of 2011.

The cameras have been installed on city streets and highways in three of the city's four quadrants. The grace period began Monday, and tickets will start being issued on Dec. 21.

The cameras have been installed in the following areas:

-1900 block of Foxhall Road NW, north and southbound directions

-2800 block of Calvert Street NW, eastbound.

-2300 block of Connecticut Avenue NW, southbound

-100 block of Florida Avenue NW, east and westbound

-4200 block of South Capitol SW, southbound

-2300 block of Porter Street NW, east and westbound

-Canal Road NW, south of Arizona Avenue NW, north and southbound

-D.C. 295 NE at Benning Road overpass, northbound

-D.C. 295 SW, south of Exit 1, north and southbound

AAA Mid-Atlantic is decrying the move to introduce more speed cameras to D.C. roads, citing the fact that the city seen consecutive years with record-low traffic fatalities.

The District has been an AAA "Strict Enforcement Area" since 2005.