D.C. special ed kid, 6, attacked on school bus by 8th graders

Blessing, 6, and her mom wait at a Metrobus stop.

The mother of a special education child in D.C. says her 6-year-old daughter was attacked on a school bus by other students.

And, she says, the bus attendants laughed during the incident and did nothing to stop it.

Since December 5, Tamiko Wages has taken four Metro bus trips a day dropping and picking up her daughter, Blessing, at Friendship at Woodridge Charter School.

Blessing is a special ed student with Attention Deficit Disorder used to ride a small yellow school bus to school. But Wages said when the bus brought Blessing home on December 5, she was hysterical. Blessing told her some older special ed kids had attacked her.

"Two female bus attendants on the bus were laughing," Wages says. "They were joking. They let these two 8th graders beat up on my child. They didn't say anything. They didn't say 'stop' or nothing."

Wages says she called police and an ambulance to her home. Her daughter had a bruise from being hit by a seat belt buckle, she says, but did not go to the hospital.

Police took a report.

A spokeswoman for the D.C. State Board of Education that has authority over buses said the matter is being investigated and that there have been previous incidents involving Blessing and the same children.

They provided Wages with a SmartPass for Metrobus since she didn't want her child on a school bus. But the mother's not satisfied.

"The two 8th graders are still riding on the bus and the two female bus attendants still have their jobs, but my child has to ride the Metro and she's the one that got beat up on."

The State Board spokeswoman said the reason they have two attendants on one small bus was to keep the children separated. That hasn't worked, so now they're going to try to get them on separate bus routes. And until they do, Blessing and her mother will have to take Metrobus."

Late Friday, the spokeswoman said they plan to have a new bus route for Blessing on Monday.