Southeast D.C. shootings leave one dead, three hurt

Detectives are investigating two separate{ }shootings in Southeast that left one person dead and three others injured, including a D.C. police officer.

Authorities say an officer went to Sixth Street Monday night to check on reports of a man with a gun walking two dogs when the suspect opened fire. The officer fired back, hitting the man several times. The suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The deceased was identified as 41-year-old Dominique Campbell of Southeast, D.C.

The officer, a three and a half-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department, was grazed in the leg, police say.

A gun was recovered from the scene.

“That man don't do nothing to nobody. He was a nice humble person,” says SE resident Damonte Richards. “Come out here walk his dogs every day.”

A witness said Campbell, who had a gun tucked in his waist, started jogging as the officer commanded him to stop.

"He said I'm not stopping for you, so he kept going,” a witness says. “He was running he dropped the gun, when he dropped it. He go to pick it up. When he picked it up, then the police fires. They said I guess he fired back or whatever."

Also in Southeast, two people were shot around 10:30 p.m. in the 1500 block of V Street.

Police say a man was shot in the foot and another in the arm, but both victims are expected to survive.

There is no word on what led to this shooting.