D.C. sexual assault study, City Council looks at cases

Some sexual assault victims in D.C. say the Police Department is not doing enough to respond to their concerns. And the MPD is now responding to a report about how they’ve handled these cases.

There have been five recent sexual assaults, all in Northeast D.C. and all are unsolved.

The most recent attack happened Tuesday on Gault Place NE where police said a man riding a mountain bike attacked a 23-year-old woman early Tuesday.
According to the police report, the suspect forced her behind a house at gunpoint and raped her. Afterwards, she managed to get to Minnesota Avenue, where she called 911.

A human rights watch report claims that more than a hundred reported sexual assaults in the city have not been properly investigated by the D.C. Police Department. The group claims that in more than half of those cases, police reports were not filed at the scene. The D.C. Police Department says there could be good reasons for that.

Friday, City Council will take a look at the entire situation.