D.C. school burglary: Five suspects sought (video)

(Photo: Youtube/MPD)

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WASHINGTON (AP/ABC7) - Police in Washington are asking for the public's help in identifying five people who stole computer equipment from a city school.

The Metropolitan Police Department says the burglary happened Friday at the Brightwood Elementary School in northwest Washington.

Schools were closed Friday in the city for the Thanksgiving holiday, but police say that just after 1 p.m. five people entered the school and carried off several pieces of computer equipment.

Police released a video showing the five walking down a corridor in the school, all of them wearing what appeared to be hooded sweatshirts or jackets.

Brightwood was one of three schools burglarized over the Thanksgiving holiday. Also hit were Stanton Elementary School in Southeast and Brent Elementary School on Capitol Hill.

A locksmith changed the locks on Brent Elementary Wednesday. Authorities don't known how the thieves got inside, where they stole two iMacs and an iPod.{ }

Back at Brightwood many parents picking up their students questioned why someone would steal from children.

Investigators are seeking the public's help in finding the culprits.

Police say thanks to the surveillance footage, they were alerted and dispatched to the scene quickly the day of the crime. So quickly, in fact, the thieves left the computers outside at the rear of the building.