D.C.'s warm weather Thursday sends throngs outside

Thursday may not have been a record-breaking warm weather day by any standards, but beyond the numbers, the spring-like temperatures were a winner for those who ventured outside.

"It's awesome," said Dwayne Tigney. "It's definitely a little weird, but it's definitely nice outside."

It may be Feb. 23, but spring was definitely in the air around the D.C. area at a time when we should be in the throes of winter.

In fact, according to the National Weather Service, the high temperature on this date last year was just 46 degrees. By midday Thursday, the temperature had already reached 65 degrees, 19 degrees above last year's high, prompting people to go biking, running and even drop the tops of convertibles.

In fact, Thursday was already the 17th 60+ degree day this winter.

"I definitely have spring fever," Jen Lindamood said.

At local hardware stores, spring merchandise is pushing away the forgotten tools - shovels, gloves, ice picks and many others - of a season that never was.

Instead, the Golf Park at Hunter Mill had die-hard golfers practicing their swing when they should have been in the office.

"I haven't been able to pick up the clubs for three or four months, but this is perfect out here," Jake Luce said.

Meanwhile, gardeners flocked to Merrifield Garden Center to check out the annuals and prepare to dig into the spring planting season, especially since spring flowers are blooming early.

"Things are a lot different this year," Bonnie McDaniel said. "The tulips are coming up (and) the daffodils are blooming, which normally happens maybe three weeks from now."