D.C.'s Safe Surrender program offered to people with outstanding warrants

WASHINGTON (AP) - People who failed to appear in court or violated conditions of probation or parole in Washington will have a chance to turn themselves in voluntarily.

District of Columbia officials plan to announce the so-called "D.C. Safe Surrender" program Thursday. The program will take place on three consecutive Saturdays beginning Aug. 13. Anyone with an outstanding bench warrant can surrender voluntarily at the district's Moultrie Courthouse. Judges and defense attorneys will be on hand to handle the cases.

Individuals can surrender at other times, but the weekend program streamlines the process.

The last time officials ran a similar program was 2007, when 500 people turned themselves in. All but 10 went home the same day.

About 12,000 people have outstanding bench warrants for non-violent crimes in the district.


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