D.C. robbery suspects used Craigslist to lure victims

Police in D.C. spent Wednesday morning combing through a{ }Volkswagon Beetle for clues following an armed carjacking with ties to Craigslist.

Police say the male victims, both from Virginia, were set up through the online classifieds site.

One of the men said he and his employer went to meet a seller to purchase a used cellphone Tuesday morning. The victim said the original meeting spot was supposed to be the Minnesota Avenue Metro station, but the sellers changed the location at the last minute, moving it less than a mile away to the 4400 block of Kane Place NE.

But instead of a cellphone, the victims were greeted by a shotgun.

"That is the first time I had a gun pointed at the back of my head," the victim told ABC7. "...pulled the gun out, made us lay down in the street, took our wallets and cellphones."

The suspects also made off with their black VW Bug. The victims walked to a nearby Wendy's and called 911.

Sources say with the help of a police helicopter, the stolen vehicle was located on Ely Place in Southeast Washington Wednesday morning.

The suspects tried to leave the scene on foot, but police were able to apprehend both.

And the would-be Craigslist buyers -- albeit shaken -- got their car back.