Should prosecutors spend taxpayer money to fly Chris Brown to D.C. for misdemeanor trial?

(WJLA) - Last summer, Chris Brown allegedly slugged a guy outside the W Hotel in downtown D.C. for photo-bombing a shot with fans. He faces misdemeanor assault charges.

Some D.C. residents we spoke with agree with those charges.

"Anytime you assault somebody, you should be held accountable for your actions," resident Rene Henry told ABC7.

However, Brown is already behind bars in Los Angeles, since he violated the conditions of his probation following his conviction for roughing up pop star and then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Now, though, prosecutors are bringing Brown back to D.C. to stand trial.

So, how often does that happen, when the crime is just a misdemeanor?

"Very rarely - once in a while," said local defense attorney Dorsey Jones. "But not often for a misdemeanor."

Jones said he believes the more practical route would have been to let Brown do his time out west, and then try him here.

He said, bringing him back now is costing taxpayers a lot.

"The plane costs to bring him out here - that's a lot of money, and and then you've got hold to him in the jail until the case is called," Jones said.

On the streets of D.C., some people think the eagerness to try Brown is linked to his stardom.

"I just think he is doing it because he is a celebrity," said district resident Chris Chianella. "He doesn't need to be brought back to D.C."

Some people say, why bother bringing him back at all, since he's already doing time?

"I think it's a waste of money, honestly. I mean, wrong is wrong, but to fly him all the way back for that?" said resident Stephanie Reed.