D.C. residents gear up for another winter battle

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Here we go again – time to haul out the shovel and gear up for another battle against winter.

“I’ll be in the house until the snow melts,” says Jackie Fairfax of D.C.

But Fairfax wants to prepare for when she does venture out. Like a lot of people, she went on a futile quest Wednesday.

“I’m looking for salt because I have a lot of steps,” she says.

"At 8 a.m. this morning we had 30 bags and all of it was gone by 9,” says Darvin Yates of Logan Hardware.

The only salt at his hardware store is for its own use. In fact, salt suddenly is a precious commodity.

“Even our warehouse is out, so the whole seaboard of the East Coast is out,” Yates says.

Some stores still have plenty of other items like scrapers to help cold and weather-weary people cope with what is heading our way.

“When the ice gets on the windshield it’s impossible to get off,” says Dan Goodman of D.C.

A folding shovel will help when encountering a snowy sidewalk.

“I’m tired of walking my dog and the people who don’t shovel their walks, so this is for me to carve a path while I’m walking my dog in the snow,” says Kate Renner.

Grocery stores got the typical pre-snow rush.

“I’m worried about the snow and I can’t get out too much,” says Frances Butler of D.C.