D.C. residents complain about new trash cans

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Spring blossoms may abound across the nation’s capital, but there is also something else is in abundance – and it’s not so pretty.

“This is a beautiful street and isn't right now with all these trash cans sticking out here,” said District resident Doris Brown.

The cans line lots of sidewalks, and despite the “take me” signs, it appears there are no takers.

“We have to dance around the trash cans to get to our front door,” complained Cristina Haley.

The District used surplus revenue to provide residents with larger recycling bins and new trash cans. Now, some residents are wondering why it was necessary to spend millions of dollars replacing perfectly fine trash cans.

“It would have been more cost-efficient to invite us to request a can. We would never have done so,” said Norton Katz. “These are much too large for us and our home.”

Meanwhile, some of those lingering trash cans are slowly filling up again, and becoming prospective feeding grounds for rodents.

The city delivered instructions and stickers when it dropped off the new trash cans, which included how to call 311 to tell the operator that you want your trash can picked up.

The problem is, so many people say they didn’t need extra trash cans, and the city doesn’t have enough people to take the ones they don’t want.