D.C. residents angered over parking situation near Silver Spring

A new controversy centers around a parking problem for people living on the border of Montgomery County and in the District. Residents of D.C. claim people in Montgomery County are parking in their neighborhoods and then walking home.

“They park on our streets,” says District resident Doug Lawrence.

People in the Shepherd Park community of D.C. can look at Silver Spring and other things which they say belong in Montgomery County.

“Usually I see a lot of Maryland tags,” says Gary Goins, who also lives in the District.

Some D.C. residents say the apartment buildings in Silver Spring mean a lot of cars on the streets.

“I can’t find a place to park,” says Goins.

So what is the motivation for leaving cars from Silver Spring in D.C. overnight?

“I don’t have the parking. I don’t want to pay for parking,” says Marilyn Youbi or Silver Spring.

The problem has gotten to the point where representatives from the District and Montgomery County held a summit. Some in D.C. want to make sure the county factors parking into future development.

“As they are approving the new building that they are also accommodating the cars that will come with it,” says Murial Bowser, (D) D.C. City Council.

Marilyn Youbi shrugs off the complaints. She says as long as she lives on the border she will continue to park in the city and walk home.

“There is plenty of parking overnight so I don’t think it’s really a problem,” says Youbi.