D.C. renews $1 taxi surcharge

The D.C. Taxi Commission has renewed a $1 surcharge on taxi trips originating in the District.

The commission stated the surcharge was renewed to offset rising fuel prices. After taking a dip over the past few weeks, gas prices are once again climbing.

The Commission says the extra expense is needed to keep taxis running in the city.

“It’s necessary and helping because like I say we're paying like $20 more a day,” taxi driver Thewo Hashem said.

Another cab driver, Kenneth White, says the $1 surcharge helps during tough times.

“Every time (gas) prices go up we lose income,” he said. “It’s much appreciated.”

Passengers are mixed on whether the pump pain should be passed on. For Janice Miles and her son, hopping in a cab will remain costly, thanks to the recent pain at the pump.

“I think its unfair to people,” Miles said.

Other recognized the pressure the higher gas prizes put on cab drivers. The surcharge, effective July 27, will last 120 days.

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