Open gas stations in D.C. area: Which are open for business?

If you see a gas station that's open in your neighborhood, tell us by leaving a comment on this story or adding it to our map. We'll add it to our growing list.

Thousands of people in the region are still without power, which includes businesses. Gas stations across the area are boarding up their pumps--leaving many panicked about where they can fill up.

Some area stations are without power and gas, and are unable to tell when they will be getting more, reports show.

You can add an open gas station to the map by following these steps:

1) Right-click on this link and open it in a new window: Open Gas Stations in the D.C. area

2) Click the red "EDIT" button on the left side of the page.

3) On the map, itself, use the Zoom In/Zoom Out bar to zero in on your spot.

4) In the top left corner of the map, click the button that looks like an upside-down teardrop and drag the marker to where you want to place it on the map. Click to confirm the placemark.

5) The map will prompt you to enter a description. You can simply tell us which intersection it is or you can explain why. Be as short or as long as you want!

6) Click "OK," then "SAVE" on the left side of the screen. Your placemark has been saved and will appear in the map above! Thanks for participating.

You can follow the conversation here about what gas stations are open in the area:

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