D.C. rappers are first to shoot music video in North Korea

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Only six months ago, Anthony Bobb aka 'Pacman' and Dontray Ennis aka 'Peso,' were two aspiring D.C. area rappers hoping for attention.

Now they’ve got it, as they’re believed to be the first Americans ever to release a music video shot in North Korea.

Pacman and Peso say the idea came to them last year during a talk with manager Ramsey Aburdene about their music.

"He saw that we were ambitious about it, so he asked us, 'Y'all want to go shoot a video in North Korea?' We were like, 'Yeah,'" said Pacman.

"We really didn't know what we was getting into," added Peso.

"It was kind of just the unknown of exactly how it would be when we got there, and what we would and woulnd't be able to do," explained manager Ramsey Aburdene.

After an internet fundraising campaign, donors gave the rappers enough money to afford a trip to Mongolia, China, and Hong Kong -- and from there, Pacman and Peso, who had previously never left the East Coast, entered one of the most isolated countries on earth.

"You know, given what we see on the news, hear on the news, I was expecting hostile, stern, looks. But it was smiles and waves," said Pacman.

"They showed us respect, we showed them respect," said Peso.

But filming wasn't always easy.

"Like they'd tell us some spots where to shoot at, some spots not to shoot at," explained Peso.

Their song, "Escape to North Korea," has been released and is receiving worldwide attention -- the BBC and media all over Europe have interviewed Pacman and Peso.

"The way it's played out, I don't think there's many ideas that could have gotten as much attention for them as early on as this," said Aburdene.