D.C. rapper Wale visits Redskins Park, talks RG III

Local rapper Wale made a stop at the Redskins training camp and weighed in on the nickname for new rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Wale met with players, coaches and fans Monday, but, of course, the big draw for him was RG III.

"Thrizzle is my name for RG III... the word RG III, I'm hearing that too much, I just say Thrizzle," Wale said.

When asked if Griffin likes the new nickname, Wale said "I don't know if he knows about it yet."

“The good thing about it is like it’s not often you get somebody so humble … a lot of high draft picks kinda got that high draft pick kinda swagga but he kinda carries hisself like a veteran, like he’s been here before,” Wale said.

Although RG III is new to the team, he has a mutual respect for Wale.

"It's cool that we have celebrities like him out here supporting us. It definitely brings a lot of fans out … hopefully, we can get some celebrity fans, like aka Durant, out here to support us," Griffin III said.

The “Durant” that RG III is referring to is Oklahoma City Thunder Forward Kevin Durant, who is from Prince George’s County.

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