D.C. potholes prevalent as storm snow melts

(WJLA) - There are so many roads in our area that are now legendary for their potholes. This particular stretch of New York Avenue just beyond the D.C. line is one of them.

The snow from last week’s storms is finally starting to melt, giving way to a more long-lasting impact: plenty of potholes.

Crews throughout the DMV have been having a hard time trying to keep up. Prior to last week’s big storm, D.C. crews alone claim to have patched about 7,000 potholes so far this year. And VDOT claims that the number of complaints in Northern Virginia alone tripled during a storm that only compounded the problem. This left drivers not only navigating the roads, but the holes as well.

With a month of winter still left and the threat of more storms ahead, this may be a problem we might have to get used to for a while.