D.C. police union questions overtime for Sept. 11 alert

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier mandated 12-hour shifts for officers are they investigated possible terror threats in the region.

One day after the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, D.C. police officers remain on extended shifts until the threat dies down. Since the threat, which officials called credible but unconfirmed, became known, police officers have been working 12-hour shifts.

The head of the D.C. police union says that while he agrees with the way the department responded to the potential threat, he's concerned with the manner in which the chief assigned the overtime.

Kristopher Baumann says because the department didn't plan for this, it'll cost taxpayers more money. Instead of four hours of daily overtime, they'll pay for twelve.

Gwendolyn Crump, spokeswoman for MPD, says that's incorrect. The officers would be paid for four hours of overtime.

Lanier fired back, called the claims bogus.

“When the officers have taken such pride and honor in coming out here and securing this city, I'm just shocked at the statement. It's kind of a no-brainer” to take the extra security measures D.C. police did, she said.

She also says it won't cost the city anything. Federal funds will pay for the overtime -- money the president set aside for responding to threats in D.C. Lanier, who receives multiple briefings a day from the intelligence community, says she has no doubt the threat was credible.

“I'd rather go back and explain why I kept the guard up and nothing happened, then go back and explain why I let my guard down and something did happen,” Lanier said.

The extended shifts will last as long as necessary, she said. Baumann understands that means at least through Wednesday, he told ABC7 News. Between 200 and 400 additional officers will be out on the streets.