D.C. police still operating red light camera from inside Md. line

The view heading westbound into Washington, D.C. with the red-light and intersection speed camera is approximately 20 feet into Maryland. (Photo: WTOP/Ari Ashe)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A motorists group on Friday demanded that Maryland officials take action to remove a red light traffic camera belonging to the District of Columbia that is mounted on a pole in their state's jurisdiction.

AAA Mid-Atlantic's request comes after it pushed D.C. officials to remove a speed camera from that same pole, which is located right over the Maryland state line at an intersection near the Capitol Heights Metro station.

D.C. officials earlier this week installed a temporary replacement speed camera on the D.C. side of the line following questions about whether the Maryland camera was legal. However, D.C. left a separate red light camera intact on the Maryland pole.

AAA spokesman John Townsend said drivers have complained loudly about getting D.C. tickets as a result of cameras that aren't located in the District, an act that he - and some lawyers - contends is illegal.

"It's still in the state of Maryland and should be dismantled," he said of the red light camera, "and the penalties and fine be refunded."

D.C. police officials maintain the violations being captured by the cameras, regardless of their location, are taking place in D.C.