D.C. police steps up Adams Morgan presence

Police say that cars would not be towed from the already crowded 18th Street corridor. (Photo: ABC7)

After some wild nights that included street brawls and even fist fights with police officers, the District is cracking down on the rowdy crowds in Adams Morgan.

Police stepped up patrols in the neighborhood last weekend and while it made a big difference last weekend there's been a big change to the plan that has lots of people unhappy.

Over the years Adams Morgan has become a mecca for young people looking for a good time - as well as some people who are just looking for trouble.

"It was a lot more peaceful here years ago " said Steve, a longtime resident.

At times the crowds are so big and rowdy it's hard to walk down the sidewalk without being harassed with "people just sitting here cat calling and grabbing people's body parts," as bartender Rhydwyn Davies says.

In response to complaints police flooded the area with uniformed and undercover officers last weekend and the guardian angels were here as well.

"Last Friday was awesome," says Bardia Ferdowski, a restaurant owner.

"It's been great, I feel a lot safer," agrees Davies.

Last Friday, police towed away cars parked along 18th Street, part of the original plan. But last night the police commander for this area posted a statement on the neighborhood listserv telling residents police will no longer restrict parking along 18th Street.

Last weekend police made more than twice the number of arrests made on typical weekends and they've even been issuing jay walking tickets to people who walk in the streets because of over crowded sidewalks. Council member Grahams staff says they're waiting for an explanation about why police backed off the parking restrictions. Calls and emails to police asking for a detailed explanation also went unanswered.