D.C. police search uncovers hazardous materials in NW apartment

(ABC7, AP) - Police say a search of a northwest Washington apartment suspected of housing a meth lab has uncovered hazardous materials.

Police conducted a search Wednesday night inside an apartment at 1825 Summit Place that was suspected of having a possible illicit drug lab.

Police say they found both cocaine and amphetamines in the apartment and arrested 30-year-old Hugh Elsbree.

He first came to the attention of police last week when they arrested him for fighting on Columbia Road and allegedly found $2,400 in cash and drugs on him. After he got out of jail they raided his home.

The DEA says this is the second meth lab they've cleaned up in as many months. The first was in February, after a fire broke out in an apartment building in the 1600 block of R northwest. The fire was caused by a meth lab accident, authorities say.

It’s another sign that meth, viewed as a drug in rural areas is making its way to D.C.

Hazardous materials were removed from the building, and it was deemed safe for residents.